Synflex 1500: With 1500 mg of Liquid Glucosamine and Chondroitin

Synflex 1500

All Natural Arthritis Supplement

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Synflex 1500 Liquid Glucosamine

Synflex 1500 has some added benefits over Synflex original. Synflex 1500 has 1500mg of liquid glucosamine for some added power and relief when it comes to arthritis pain.

There are some other differences in Synflex 1500 besides the added glucosamine. It also has a nice orange flavor and contains white willow bark.

For those of you that are not familiar with white willow bark, it contains an ingredient know as Salicin. Once in your body it turns into salicylic acid. This is just another power anti-inflammatory that helps to ease the pain and swelling associated with arthritis. One of the contributors to the pain and swelling is prostaglandins and the white willow bark helps to reduce its effects.

Aspirin use to be derived from acetylsalicylic acid, but Synflex 1500 with willow bark is very different. Willow bark provides all the value that aspirins provide but without all the side effects. White willow bark is not aspirin!

Synflex 1500 is highly effective in helping with the pain and swelling of arthritis and best of all it really tastes great!

Synflex 1500 should not be used with pets, only in humans! Synflex original and Synflex for pets are the only formulas safe for your pets.

Synflex Comes In Three Different Formulas

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Synflex original: Regular Synflex liquid glucosamine does not contain white willow bark and has 1200mg of liquid glucosamine. It has a nice apple flavor. This is one of our best sellers and one that I like myself.

Synflex 1500 Which has 1500mg of liquid glucosamine and white willow bark. It has a pleasant mandarin orange flavor. We sell a lot of this product too, and are used mostly by those folks that are looking for just a little more relief. Do not use Synflex 1500 for pets! Use Synflex original or Synflex for pets!

Synflex for pets and Synflex for dogs really is the same product as the original formula but it has a beef flavor that pets like. It is very easy to give to your pet too! Simply measure out the proper amount with the built in measuring reservoir, and pour out over their food! Gone are the days of trying to get your pets to swallow pills.

So remember if you looking for something that tastes great and offers just a little more kick be sure to give Synflex 1500 a try! You can always mix and match your order. When you place your order just tell us how you want your order to be shipped. For example if you order 3 bottles you may want one bottle to be Syn-flex for pets and the other two to be Synflex 1500 etc.