Glucosamine Chondroitin is a natural arthritis diet supplement, proven to effectively protect and even repair cartilage, significantly reducing the bone-on-bone rubbing associated with Osteoarthritis and knee joint pain safely, without the dangerous side effects associated with prescription and over-the-counter arthritis and pain relief medicines.

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Five Healthy Foods and Vitamins for Joint HealthAs we get older, our bodies start to break down and aches and pains start to become part of our everyday lives. The areas that seem to take the most abuse are the joints, with arthritis, inflammation and stiffness making tasks that we used to find easy to perform, painful and uncomfortable. The good news is that there are steps we can take to prevent deterioration of the joints, or help improve the health of our aching knees and elbows in a relatively short time.

It’s a good idea to think of your body as an engine and realize that if you don’t look after it and provide it with the proper fuels and lubrication, it will begin to fall apart on you. A low-impact exercise routine should become part of your daily schedule with yoga and stretching exercises being particularly helpful in the care of your joints. Food intake also plays a very important part in the overall health of your body, with many different foods proving effective in the battle against deteriorating joints.

  1. Fatty acids, particularly omega 3’s, have long been known to be very good for many parts of the body; studies have revealed that omega 3’s contribute to a healthy heart, as well as a healthy mind. They are also good for the joints, and increasing your intake of certain seafood’s will provide your body with those essential fatty acids. Salmon and sardines are rich in omega 3’s, but it’s not just fish lovers that will benefit; almonds, whole grains, green vegetables and seeds will also do the trick.
  2. Glucosamine has also been shown to aid in joint health, and adding a daily supplement to your diet will help you reach the necessary intake. If taking a supplement doesn’t appeal to you, then eating shrimp, which are high in glucosamine, will help. [click to continue…]


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The knee is a complicated joint because of all the muscle that attachment and cross the knee joint. It is no wonder that joint pain in the knee is quite common. Knee Pain Image

The major muscles in this category are:

  • quadratus femoris
  • rectus femoris
  • vastus lateralis
  • vastus medialis
  • vastus intermedius
  • biceps femoris,
  • semitendinosus,
  • semimembranosus
  • gracilis
  • sartorius
  • gastrocnemius
  • popliteus
  • plantaris
  • tibialis anterior and posterior
  • extensor digitorum longus

These are a few of our favorite stretches for this area:

  1. Stand, placing the front (ball of foot) of your right foot on a step or curb. Keeping your knees and back straight, bend over to touch your toes. (If you can’t touch your toes bend as far as comfortable). Hold for 20 seconds. Repeat with other foot
  2. Stand with lower back against an exercise ball of about 25 inches that rests against a wall. Feet are shoulder-width apart and a comfortable distance from the wall. Body is erect. Slowly bend knees and lower body until thighs are parallel with the floor do not go lower and do not allow knees to extend beyond feet. Keeps abs contracted and back straight.Pause at the bottom, then roll back up. Repeat 8–12 times, working up to 2 sets.
  3. Stand about a foot from a wall (or other solid object) and place your hands on the wall at shoulder-height, shoulder-width apart., Take a step back with your right foot while pushing into the wall. Keep your back straight and press your right heel into the floor. Hold for 20 seconds. Repeat with other foot.
  4. Sit on the floor with one leg out straight. Bend the other leg at the knee and press the sole of that foot against your opposite inner thigh. Bend at the waist keeping your back straight and touch the toes of your extended leg. (If you can not touch your toes reach as far as comfortable.) Hold 20 seconds, relax. Then stretch the other leg.
  5. Stand. Keep back straight, knees hip-width apart and pointing straight ahead. Slowly lower and move your buttocks backward as if you were sitting in a chair (don’t bend your knees beyond a 90-degree angle, if 90 degrees is too difficult bend even less). Hold position for a count of 5. Do ten squats. Stop if you feel pain in your knees.
  6. To stretch left calf muscle, step back with left leg, forward with right. Bend right knee (keep left leg and back in a straight line as you lean forward) until you feel a gentle stretch in the left calf. Do not roll foot out to side. Keep heel flat, foot forward. Hold 30 seconds. Repeat on other side.
  7. Sit in chair, with knees bent to 45 degrees and heels on floor (toes lifted up). Don’t move heels but pull back on them, digging heels into floor. You will feel tension in you hamstrings. Hold for count of 5 – 10 seconds. Relax for count of 3. Do 10 repetitions.


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